Is It Really A 'World' Championship?

Create: 12/17/2005 - 09:53
Every federation in powerlifting has a World Championship meet on their schedule. Sgt Rock at Monster Muscle wants to know which of these really constitute a true World Championship. His opinion
  • IPF Open, Jr, or Masters or Bench
  • WABDL Open bench or dl, Masters?
  • APF Open
  • WPO 3 lift title and bench

To me if your going to call yourself a world champion, there should be a bit of competition at the show. Simply entering more than one divisions at one World show doesn't make you a two time world champ does it? ...If you lift uncontested are you a world champion?

Some answers:

I don't think they exist in powerlifting anymore.

The IPF is the most true world championship. Every year it moves to different countreis... You have to qualify by not just winning your national championship but also posting a qualifying total. You have to factor in travel, the language barrier, judges that don;t like your country, etc. In other feds you can qualify relatively easily. There are hundreds of people that qualify from the USA (how prestigious can that be?), it is always in America, the judges are almost all from America, etc... but the only true world champsionship I can see is the IPF.

IPF and WPO are the only true world championships. Just the open classes too, no juniors, masters, submasters, fire, doctor, circus midget classes.

I think the WPO at the Arnold is the top of the heap, IPF worlds, WPC worlds, and the WABDL worlds for single lift. The Arnold draws the biggest crowds and the lifters lift the biggest weights, the IPF is truly international, but full of bs. The WPC is a great meet with big lifting, and the WABDL is the biggest and best single lift meet in the world, and the guys who win open titles are true champions.