Training With Stronger Lifters

Create: 12/16/2005 - 09:34
In sports, it's often the case that playing against better competition makes one a better player. In the gym, that often holds true as well. Power and Bulk looks at training with stronger lifters.

Training with stronger guys is good but be careful when training with people who have better recovery than you. Don't get sucked into doing more than your body can handle.

They help motivate:

Motivation from a stronger lifter is certainly good..

They add energy to workouts:

I've never been able to train with stronger people, but I have been around them, and just having that energy around you is great.

The results:

Finding a couple of experienced training partners that are stronger then me is a huge factor in my lifts going up the last couple of years.

I have no choice but to train with stronger people, because I am a weak fat fart... however, I would never have been as strong as I am now, were it not for training with them.