Mike Sweeney's (WPO) Arnold Rant

Create: 12/15/2005 - 10:16
Mike Sweeney, WPO/WPC spokesman has just released his latest thoughts at Go Heavy. While hyping the Arnold Classic and the WPO, he takes the opportunity to slam the IPF and almost every other federation in America.

My ARNOLD CLASSIC BLOG… You got yearnin’ and I got burnin’ Muddy Waters lyric….I can’t wait to go! The CLASSIC! Year seven for me… We are going “FULL MONTY..total POWERLIFTING exposure..NO smoke..NO mirrors..NO fear! I ain’t foolin’ ..you need schoolin” another Muddy Waters lyric… message to the other organizations..starting making your excuses why the WPO lift BIG,BIG weight. The old ones are really OLD! Bigger lifts…Insane attempts…Surrealistic numbers.. ..the Classic HOTTIES..Ouch! Words too mild to describe THE CLASSIC…crazy, deranged, wild, frenzied, demented, out of one’s head, possessed..ETC! Words that don’t describe THE CLASSIC…backyard, mirror-image meet…small rewards..only person in class...six people in audience…no motivatin’ music, small warm up room…not enough weights…and of course FRIKKIN’ BORING! “You better not lift somewhere else or else”…or”we can’t look at any new technology in equipment for two years.” Bullshit!…PATHETIC!!!!lift somewhere else… anywhere else…WHO IS THE LIFTER AND WHO IS THE ASS-WIPE don’t you deserve something better….( I read the ipf congress notes) HINT: The bottleneck is at the TOP of the bottle!!!!!!!