Out Of Meet Drug Testing

Create: 12/15/2005 - 10:02
Performance enhancing drugs are front and center as a sports issue these days. From the IOC to Major League Baseball to the Bush administration they don't seem to leave the news. It's quite obvious that drug testing lags drug usage. One method designed to catch more users is out of meet testing. A poster over at the APF Outlaws forum complains about the USAPL's out of meet drug testing policy:

in the USAPL this guy can come to your house and test you or at a meet that is not his.Get Fucking real you "Drug Free" guys are being ran like this guy is your dad... I'll be damned if I wanted to lift in the USAPL a person could come to my door or see me on the street and test me.

Other posters point out that without out of meet testing, drug testing is much less effective:

I am not defending someone but their is no way to screen somenoe for drugs by testing them the day off the meet. You can come off test suspensin a few days prior and still test fine. If you wanna lift drug free, than be drug free, and submit to being tested. No other sport has announced tests, becuase it doesn't work. From what it sounds like the USAPL should be testing alot of people outside the meet, not just a couple.

Its called OMT and it works very well to deter drug users from using as it is a scare tactic and has alot better chance of catching someone, the user than thinks he can just come off a few weeks before the meet and test negative. This is what most amatuer sports do, track and field etc. Are you telling me this is the first time youve heard of this, your not supposed to be on period, if your not, you have nothing to worry about period. My only grudge is that in the IPF not all countries treat drug testing the same on their own turf. If one country tests a certain percentage, then so should all countries, whether that percentage be high or low.

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