Video Of Sam Byrd's 1,050 Pound Squat

Create: 08/19/2007 - 19:43
Here's video of Sam Byrd's 198 class All-Time Record squat of 1,050 pounds at today's IPA Cincinnati Pro-Am. Here's his 1,015 pound second:


Submitted by Bert Smith (not verified) on
Wow, congrats to Sam. That was a great squat from start to finish! Very impressive

Submitted by juniorpowerlifter on
Very, very nice squat. Does the record still stand even though he bombed out of the meet?

Submitted by mastermonster on
No excuses! Just lift it! If I understand it right it counts as the All-Time Record. I'm not sure how the IPA Record policy is on that. D**n Sam! You made it look easy!!! I like that new BOSS suit! As good as the Leviathon is; The change to the BOSS worked for me too! Again! Super lift!!!

Submitted by Brian Weston on
Actually it does not count because he bombed out in the bench. Really a shame 'cause that was a nice squat.

Submitted by Kiser28 on
I think the back spotter was helping him, that 1050 looked like a total joke! I think he could have done 1100. He must have to cut at least 25 or 30 lbs. because he is the biggest 198 I have ever seen. Awesome lifting Sam!

Submitted by Putt Houston on
I was impressed just by the number, but when I saw the video it was way more impressive to see how easily he handled the weight. Sam you are a total freak Putt Houston.... now with more Bom Chicka Wahwahhhhhh

The Putt Houston

Submitted by BMF Sports on
Sam, were you holding back? It looks like you had at least 1100-1125 in you, easily. Keep rockin, ya freak! Stay with it, Shawn "Bud" Lyte BMF Sports

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Submitted by Jim Ray on
[quote=Anonymous]WHAT A NICE LITTLE F--- YOU TO THE POWERS THAT WERE, THAT DIDN'T INVITE THIS BEAST TO THE ARNOLD!![/quote] I'll assume you were referring to this year's AC. (I'll play the role of KK here): F ME?! Well F YOU, ya little puke!! He bombed, didn't he? I got enough bombers as it is! THAT's why I didn't invite him! (Okay, I gotta take a shower now, to wash the KK off me. Sam's a beast, but you can't take a bombout and try to throw it in anyone's face - even KK. That's my point here.)

Submitted by Carl on
Holy shit ! Why did he screw around with the obviously light squat for him....LOL When's the 1100 coming ? Congrats on the wicked squat Sam.

Submitted by big_byrd52 on
i never offially qualified for the Arnold thru the proper channels or qualifying meets; my schedule and injuries didnt allow it, nor did i want a special invite to it anyways. i didnt like the way rules were bent at the last minute and didnt want it done for me either. This is 10% Luck, 20% Skill, 15% Concentrated Power of Will... 5% Pleasure, 50% Pain, and 100% Reason to Remember the Name!

Submitted by Eliot Feldman (not verified) on
[quote=big_byrd52]i didnt like the way rules were bent at the last minute and didnt want it done for me either. [/quote]I hope you try to qualify next year.

Submitted by Eric Talmant on
Sam: Congratulations on a huge achievement and an excellent squat! Please email me at I want to negotiate and see if we can bring you on board for my Raw Unity meet in January 2008.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
[quote=Eric Talmant]Sam: Congratulations on a huge achievement and an excellent squat! Please email me at I want to negotiate and see if we can bring you on board for my Raw Unity meet in January 2008. [/quote] A 800-900 pound raw squat from a 198er cannot be done, so lets just stop this in its tracks! But then again, it is Sam Byrd, he has been known to amaze us from time to time.

Submitted by Al Caslow on
I have not been involved in this sport for 2 years yet, but for the time I have this was the most impressive squat performance I have ever seen. Watching him warm up and transfer it over to the platform was amazing. Just pure power. Congrats Sam. I look forward to the next one.

Submitted by rodgersmadmax on
I know for a fact this was the one and only time Sam has ever boomed. Jim Ray I knew you couldn't resist putting in your negitive words on the lifters. Sam Squated almost 5.5 times his body weight and you have to be down on it. Why didn't ya go to the meet if ya wanted to judge. To my knowledge you have benched 625 which is not even double were weight but I bet you want people to brag on you, right. Think positive once in a while and treat people the way you would like to be treated, it's not all about you. I am not taking up for Sam, his lifting speaks for itself, and you or no one else can take that from him, everyone has a bad day and that day just happened to be his, if you read the list 19 people had the same bad day, and even if did miss his bench, that was still a killer squat and he does have more. Every lifter there was there because they were the best of the best, were was you, at least support the lifters and go watch. Sam WILL be back and as always he will amaze a bunch of people. The ones that can, do and the ones that can't stay home and talk about them on the web. Jesse

Submitted by Jim Ray on
Jesse, you're making it hard to be nice to you, but I'll try: 1. I did not say anything negative about Sam. In my previous post on this subject, I characterized what KK's response would be to the moron that thought a PL bombout is somehow getting back at KK. 2. I have made positive posts to/about Sam in the past, and will in the future. Didn't I just post that Sam was a beast? 3. I have made plenty of positive posts about other lifters, when I felt I could be sincere. I believe you have selective memory on this subject. (Gunny Green at COTT; what about as I critiqued Rock Lewis' 100% RAW bench, I used Rob Wilkerson's YMCA exhibition lift as an example of a perfect handoff/start; I congratulated Robo the other day for his Alki Beach bench; I said nice things to Rob Luyando about he and the fellas at the Ukraine meet.) 4. I've taken plenty of crap for my 625, but enough about me.

Submitted by rodgersmadmax on
Sam will be back, and after this its no telling what he will try to do next. I would be afraid to guess.

Submitted by Jim Ray on
Jesse, I know one thing we could agree on: wouldn't you pay good money to see these guys head-to-head, raw or equipped? Sam Byrd Shawn Frankl Jesse Kellum

Submitted by rodgersmadmax on
Jim Ray Yes I would, that would be great. I guess I am parcel to Sam, he is a great friend of mine and I know what he can do, he just didn't get it done on the 19th, the day that it counted. Super Super strong in all three events but I know for a fact so are the other two. All three are proven lifters. Sam did his first ever powerlifting meet with us and has really took off from there. He also comes and helps at most of our big meets, he's not one of those that only judges he will load the bar and spot all day plus try to help every lifter in the building if he can, great person. Shawn seemed to be a great guy, I watched him all day, he and Sam talked a lot seems to really enjoy hisself. That really would be fun to watch though and just might happen some day. We probably agree on a lot of things just hard to tell sometimes on here. I just started getting on here, I like meeting people in person, makes things much better. Come to an SPF meet sometime and hang out with us even if you don't lift, bet you will have fun. We are not trying to be like anyone else or take anything away from anyone else, we just try to do it right and enjoy lifting. Jesse

Submitted by Jim Ray on
Ah Jesse, if we meet, you'll type what everybody else does, LOL! ("Jim Ray is really nice in person. I just can't figure why he's such a jerk online!") peace....