WDFPF Worlds Results

Create: 12/13/2005 - 18:55

The unequipped and equipped results have been posted from the WDFPF World Championships held in Turin, Italy. There were a few American but no Canadian lifters.

Steven Brown took second in the 319 unequipped class with a 1,502 pound total. In the process he benched a WDPFP World Record 451 pounds.

Judith Gedney totalled 589 pounds, which included World Records in each of her three lifts on her way to winning the 97 pound equipped class.

Brett Masuoka finished seventh in the 198 equipped class, totalling 1,249 pounds.

Chris Cavlano took fourth in the equipped 242's with a 1,188 pound total.

Steven Brown also lifted in the equipped division winning with a 1,551 pound total. He set World Records in the bench press and squat.

Alan Borden was not able to post a bench number.