Did You Achieve Your Goals For 2005?

Create: 12/13/2005 - 08:39
2005 is rapidly winding down. It seems like a good time to step back to see how many of the goals we set were achieved. A Bodybuilding.com thread asks members just that. There are some posts by lifters not meeting their goals, mostly due to injury.

im weaker than i was at the beginning of the year.

Others had a more fruitful year:

I just started lifting in September, an I really didn't set any goal other than to get stronger, and that I did.

My goal was to turn myself into a sick mother frickern and not listen to any "nay sayers". I have succeeded and am looking forward to plenty of steel, rest, and gains next year.

So how did you do this year?


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Should know in another couple of weeks, but by the way things are going now I can say without a doubt that I will have hit my marks...not that they were that far away in the first place. Chris D.

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Goal setting and working towards those goals are an important part of powerlifting. The type of goals you set are up to each individual and are just as valuable to each.