Most Influential Female Lifters

Create: 12/11/2005 - 13:19
A Monster Muscle thread is compiling opinions of who the most influential or important female lifters are of all time. So far, here's who they have:

  • Jan Todd
  • Judy Gedney
  • Terry Dillard
  • Bev Francis
  • Diana Rowell
  • Carrie Boudreau
  • Tammara Greenwood
  • Maris Sternberg
  • Marina Kudinova
  • Becca Swanson
  • Liz Willet
  • Amy Weisberger
  • Mary Jefferys
  • Donna Lee Delleree
  • Anna-Liisa Prinkkala
  • Kara Bohigian
Make a visit over there to add any female lifter they may have missed.


Submitted by FortifiedIron on
Sandi McCaslin without a doubt is on that list.. and in the top 5 by a mile. Kyle Coleman

Submitted by admin on
She dabbled in a few different things didn't she? What's she concentrating on currently?