USAPL Lifters Banned From APF Outlaws Forum!

Create: 12/10/2005 - 11:53
Ok, not really. However, in this thread is discussion of a specific IPF rule change and a general discussion about the way the IPF does business. From the minutes of the 2005 IPF Congress meeting:

2) Change 14.9 Athletes Competing Participating in Non-IPF Competition Any lifter, coach, referee or official who competes or participates in a Powerlifting or Bench Press competition not organised, sanctioned or approved by the IPF shall not be permitted to take part in any IPF international or regional competition for a period of 12 months from the date of that non-approved competition. ** Accepted unanimously with amendments

As many of you know this rule already existed on the books. This change banned coaches and referees from participating in non-sanctioned IPF events. Norbert Wallauch, IPF President, also from the minutes:

Nevertheless I do not share the opinion that Powerlifting is a worldwide market where the IPF has to compete and challenge the other organizations. Our advantage – and we are very proud on that – is that the IPF is the only officially recognized worldwide Powerlifting federation whereas all the others are either not worldwide, no federations but only corporations or even simply private companies to make business with our sport and the vanity of people who want to get (not win) a world champion title even if it is completely worthless. A couple of weeks ago a got notice of a “world championship” in my home country Austria where 46 out of 63 lifters in benchpress became world champions and every lifter received a medal except five who bombed out... This misuse we have to fight but on the other hand keep our doors open for all the others who are really willing to agree with our rules and doping policy.

Talk about a clear shot across the bow of the WPO, IPA and other powerlifting federations. Over at the APF Outlaws forum, there are lots of vehemently negative comments, as can be expected:

USAPL is commiting suicide. Do you think this will help them bring more people in?

So many lifters lift where meets are close to them. In Michigan, a huge majority of lifters lift in both the usapl and apf on a regular basis so they wil be the one's hurt by this stupidity.

What a load of fucking shit. Thats why I got out of the USAPL because they are to damn political same for IPF. A lifter should have a choice where they can lift. Instead of having their futures held in the hands of pencil pushers.

And Tommy Fannon calls it:

surely an act of desperation.

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