Deadlifting With Lower Back Issues

Create: 12/09/2005 - 15:03
A poster at APF Outlaws asks whether sumo and conventional stance deadlifts have different effects on the lower back, especially on the lower vertabrae. The responses all confirm that sumo can be much easier on that area:

Much less stress on L4 and L5 with sumo if puled right.

Tommy Fannon answers:

MUCH less stress on L4-L5 if you do sumo correctly. To take advantage of sumo, you need to keep your back completely arched. It requires flexibility in your hips and a lot of technique practice. I blew both L4-L5 many years ago... my back was never the same.. i couldn't pull conventional without excessive soreness. With sumo, this doesn't happen for me.

Another poster who was forced to make the switch:

Yes same here, in 2002 i fuct my back ligaments, and still cannot conventional deadlift near what i was then, but i am sumoing more than i was then. speading the hips wide is key and back arch.