Most Underrated Powerlifters

Create: 12/09/2005 - 10:48
If you're into powerlifting, you've probably sat around and debated who the best powerlifters, benchers and lifters of today and all time are. But who are some of the most underrated? Monster Muscle asks for opinions. Lots of names from the past as well as lighter lifters are being suggested.

  • Pat Casey
  • Tony Conyers
  • George Frenn
  • Jon Cole
  • Don Cundy
  • John Stafford
  • Tom McCullough
  • Mike Rugerria
  • Greg Lowe
  • Russ Fletcher
  • Mel Hennessy
  • Doug Young
  • Lamar Gant
  • Ausby Alexander
  • Roger Estep
  • Dave Passenella
  • Brian Schwab
  • Hideaki Inaba
  • Ron Palmer
  • Wade Hooper
  • Paul Childress
  • Ron Collins
  • Bev Francis
  • Joe Bradley
  • Ivan Freydun
  • Jarmo Virtanen
Head on over there if you've got a name or two to add to the list.