Equipment Is Fine... As Long As It's Single Ply

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Lately there are more and more voices cropping up from within the pro-equipment crowd that are saying equipment is fine as long as it's kept to single ply. This Monster Muscle thread is discussing just that topic.

i think that any peice of equippment that isnt single ply poly is bull shit.

That poster gets an earful from many subsequent posters:

I think it's funny when someone *****es about how crazy gear is getting, and then extols the virtue of single-ply gear. My bench in a off-the-shelf 1-ply Fury is a good 25% higher than my raw press. IPF-legal gear certainly ain't what is was in 1990.

Funny, I train with a ton of lifters and everyone I know can bench about the same thing in a single ply Rage as they can in a jacked up Double Denim, if not more.

I don't understand all the poeple using raw and single ply poly in the same catagory practically! I don't think the one ply poly guys have any more right to stand on a soap box and say they're more true to the sport than the 2 ply guys do... You're either equipped or raw....period!

The USAPL guys that think there Metal viking, Inzer Hardcore or Titan suits are the same as the suits of yesterday are just plain blind. And to say they are close to raw is stupid... In this day in time you are geared or you are not.

my biggest issue is with people that think single is okay and double is not. IMO, there is no philosophical difference between single and double ply. The shirt is getting the weight off your chest, not you. If you want to cross the line and wear something that gets it off your chest for you, then don't complain that others wear something that gets MORE off their chest. Tiny Meeker, Steve Wong, and Jason Jackson are doing more than anyone to obliterate the line between single and double plys. They're pushing the single-ply envelope so far that no one can complain about double-ply shirts.

Even with all of these sound points of view, it's guaranteed that someone will offer the same anti multi-ply equipment view in another thread.


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This is what I don't understand. Actually, I've never understood this. Powerlifting, like any sport, is set by rules. If the rules allow something, be it supplement use, gear or whatever, its LEGAL. Why do people say its cheating? You don't hear people complain about sprinters cheating because they wear cleats. And why do people compare 1ply to 2ply to RAW? I'd find it interesting to have single ply, double ply and raw divisions in each fed, but that ain't gonna happen. People need to take a step back and realize that no matter what you think, rules are rules and no matter if you say someone cheats or not, as long as they abide by those rules, they are playing fair. If you don't like gear, lift RAW or be quiet.

as long as the rules are clear on the equipment used and everyone has acess to the same gear..if u dont liek teh rules dont lift in the fed..alot of guys can get almost as much as a super,,super tight single poly suit as a multi ply suit...

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I think both of you offer a very balanced view - if you're interested in raw lifting, lift raw. If single ply is your game, that's fine too. However, don't try to force your view on others. The irony of this Monster Muscle post is single plyers trying now to say multiply lifting has gotten ridiculous. It's similar to what some in the raw camp have been saying for a while about equipped lifting. In essence the single ply advocates are trying to foist there view on others just as the raw camp has been accused of doing.

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