"Bench for a Cure" Meet Update!

Create: 07/08/2007 - 20:29
Well everyone, the "Bench for a Cure" meet is less then 3 weeks away! In case any of you missed my listing a few months ago, it will be a raw non-sanctioned meet but its shaping up to be a LOT of fun! ALL of the proceeds are going to be donated to the regional cancer center so come out and support a great cause! So far my list of sponsors includes: Gene Rychlak www.rychlakpowersystems.com Iron Asylum Gym www.ironasylumgym.com Strengthmills.com www.strengthmills.com Skullptures by Carl Seeker House of Pain www.houseofpain.com APT Pro Wriststraps www.aptprowriststraps.com Bodybuilding.com www.bodybuilding.com Titan Support Systems www.titansupportsystems Animal Pak www.animalpack.com Vitamin World www.vitaminworld.com GNC www.gnc.com Powerlifting USA Quite a list to say the least! I want to thank ALL of my sponsors for the donations they have given. If any other companies who have not yet contributed would like to, please feel free to email me. I must say I have been extemely happy and suprised by the amount of support I have received from the companies in the powerlifting and strength training communities. All lifters at this event get a free pair of wrist wraps compliments of Alin @ APT, as well as their choice of a Tshirt and some other goodies from all the other companies. Food and beverages will be available as well. The local TV and news stations will be on hand filming the event so if you live in the area you'll either be seeing it, or hearing about it soon enough. Marty Mitchell from www.strengthmills.com is comming to film the event. Nick Winters is signed up to be a guest lifter, and Matt Kroczaleski from www.elitefts.com is also comming to be the head judge for the event. I have people of all ages and experience levels competing. All the way from a 50yr old woman entering her first EVER powerlifting meet, to 16 year old teenagers competing in their first meets, to veteran lifters from the APF, IPA, USAPL, AAU and other federations as well. It seems that this meet truely is bringing people from all aspects of the sport together for one great cause. If any of you want to compete, or volunteer, please email me at bebasshome1@yahoo.com. The event is going to be hosted by my employer Nautilus Fitness Center www.nautilusfitess.com, and Family First Sports Park www.thesportspark.com in Erie, PA. The meet site is the basketball courts in the Family First Sports Park on Sunday, July 29th. Weigh-Ins are from 10-10:30 AM and we are hoping to kick off the meet around 11:00AM. Cost is $20 per competitor, $15 if you are a teenager. Registration deadline is July 20th so if you want to compete or volunteer you'll have to let me know fast! Thankyou again Jon for posting this. Lets all show our support for this event, and make it as big as it can possibly be! Brian E. Berchtold "Bench for a Cure Meet Director" Night Manager Nautilus Fitness Center Erie, PA


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Add Coca Cola bottling company in Erie as sponsors providing all the beverages for the event. Add Calamari's restaraunt in Erie as sponsors providing sandwhiches and other snacks for the event.