Top 5 Pros And Cons Of Powerlifting

Create: 12/08/2005 - 12:18
Fortified Iron admin Kyle asks for everyone's top 5 pros and cons of powerlifting. Pros:

  • Being bald and tattooed and looking normal to your peers.
  • if it was not for the gym I most likely would have gone insane by now
  • Getting a PR is the greatest feeling outside of sex.
  • The cool ass people i have met in this sport
  • Being able to push myself harder
  • lifting heavy stuff is fun
  • The feeling of a huge PR
  • fellow PLers consider me a middleweight.... at 265.
  • It keeps me from killing homeless people with a hammer.

  • I'm a fat fuck
  • Callouses
  • Unwanted advice from people who have never actually trained but know everything about how I should train
  • Everyone wants to see biceps or abs, but really developed glutes are hard to show off without looking gay.
  • Injuries
  • Terrible judging that allows people to question a lift.
  • Fed and lifter bashing
  • way too many feds
  • the diet, because someimes I just do not want to eat
  • not fitting in plane seats properly, maybe even getting the extention so u can buckle(all u big guys know)
  • There are no groupies.
  • It's not an olympic sport yet
  • Equipment is expensive