Tommy Fannon Comments On Kidder's Remarks

Create: 12/08/2005 - 09:30
Tommy Fannon, owner of the APF Outlaws forum responds to Kieran Kidder's remarks found in this post. Fannon starts by setting a new anti-trolling policy for his forum:

We have far too many stupid trolls cluttering the board. We will start deleting stupid trolls. Everyone loves a good troll. If you have what it takes, feel free to troll. If you are an idiot or just making personal attacks that can't at least bother to be funny, go elsewhere. I recommend Gibson's. He has a no-delete policy. Waay too many people are posting garbage and the use of a real name is such a remote concept that the community is dissolving. I would like to build that back up here. We have a huge readership. The dilution of good posts is hurting us though. Time to fix that.

Looks like the rough and tumble world of the APF Outlaws is about to change. He goes on to respond to Kidder's remarks:

Kieran, Your post was noted and I agree, waay too much negativity. It will be taken care of. HOWEVER (and this is a big however)..... The judging at recent APF/WPO contests has gotten waay too lax. I personally witnessed this year's APF Seniors. The heavyweight judging was very bad. There were so many 1000lb squat gifts passed that the number now ceases to have meaning. I was very disheartened. As for the recent WPO shows, the jury is pretty much out on those as well. If you have seen the Bolton squat video that was released to the web and you honestly believe that was not a serious discredit to the sport, well then, you and I are at total odds here. The troll attacks, while a little vicious, are the result of your fellow APF/WPC lifters being fed up with the bullshit that is happening. I know a lot of those IP addresses. These are your own lifters. You should hear their voices and fix the problem. The WPO is the best thing to happen to powerlifting. Please don't let it go down the toilet in the pursuit of more entertainment and bigger numbers. You will lose what you have built. Thanks for listening.

Up until now, Fannon has been a good team player and remained pretty quiet on criticizing the WPO/APF judging. That's what makes this statement such a huge departure for him. It's obvious that he wants the WPO succeed. But it's also apparent that he feels, like so many others who have been roundly criticized for stepping forward and voicing their opinions, that the WPO judging is challenging the integrity of the sport. And if what he says is true, many others in the APF/WPC feel the same way. This is a serious blow to Kidder's view of the future of powerlifting. Before it was sour lifters from competing federations and Internet trolls versus his new powerlifting. Now, it's insiders who are joining the ranks questioning Kidder's view of the future.


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tommy that is horseshit. gibson is a coward who censors anything he can't handle and his forum is full of trailer trash .greenwood ,smith bryant -fuckturds the lot of them