Harsh Words From Kieran Kidder

Create: 12/07/2005 - 11:52
Kieran Kidder and Mike Sweeney have been doing a bit of posting this week both defending and touting the WPO/WPC/APF. Their posts are, at least partly, a defense against recent attacks from around the powerlifting world about judging at WPO/APF meets. They also serve to present the WPC/WPO as the 'new powerlifting' and the way forward. It remains to be seen whether a Kidder-like vision of powerlifting will win out over an IPF or raw vision. Kieran Kidder in regards to the recent APF meet at APF Outlaws

Bottom line our sport is evolving which to optimistic people normally would be a good thing! For some reason our sport remains pessimistic with envious lifters unable to be happy, or encourage others to do well. This pessimism has accelerated due to the negitive junkies endlessly pissing/moaning on forums. They are so insecure that and they might not be able to tell their clueless friends that there still the best. That God for bid somebody might lift better than themselves, or break their record. Ultimately you're competing against the weight first, and your competitors come second. Apparetly lifters seem more interested in training their fingers/tounges than training their lifts. Some of these lifeless slugs frequent these forums so much that it doesn't seem like they had any other time to lift weights. The forums are great for posting contest/training information, but other than that they have become nothing but negitive sound boards for insecure/jealous lifters. The reality is that Huge Iron is being moved at all levels of competition in the APF! It doesn't mean that the sport is falling apart, and all squats/lifts had to be gifts. This insecurity I've mentioned is the reason every time a historical APF/WPO event takes place it's assumed that all squats must have been high. This attitude is governed by very biased individuals who think no squat is a good squat unless it may are officiating it themselves. They truly have their own interpretation of what the below parallel is. When they should be interpreting every squat by the rules/regulations/illustrations of their federations rulebook,not their own. I have never seen any rulebook that says a llifter must be one 1-2 inches below parallel, but simply below parallel. As long as humans are officials there will always be some mistakes,but this rampid perception of the sport deteriorating before our eyes is jealousy based hogwash.

Mike Sweeney in an open letter at Go Heavy:

The Basic Premise The WPO/WPC was and is becoming GREAT because everyone, leaders and members, was and is free to do his or her absolute best! What KK and the Congress did for the WPO/WPC is to allow members to DISCOVER their GREATNESS. Do we have a plan? It is called DOING things. We are not copy cats, others COPY us! Unlike the “old regime”, who thought the organization was more of a business. KK and the Congress are interested in creating an organization, we ALL can be PROUD of. We know that OUR revolution rest on emphasizing the lifter. We don’t CREATE “followers! We create opportunities to become GREAT!