Marcus Schick's Results From The IPF Bench Worlds

Create: 12/07/2005 - 09:09
Go Heavy is discussing Marcus Schick's recent fourth place finish at the IPF Bench Press Worlds in Sweden. Schick is widely regarded as one of the best benchers in the world. Many wonder why he hit a bench that is lower than raw numbers he's put up. Some theories are that he was competing at 148 versus his usual 165, he hurt his neck during training, he just had an off day and he didn't have the luxury of the equipment that he wears in the WPO. Some great lifters come to his defense in a follow up thread. Lance Kirchner:

I say congrats to Marcus for lifting under the different conditions of the IPF vs WPO and lifting a big weight. I think 220kg is an amazing lift(would have been a WR) and although he did not cant win them all. Although I have seen Marcus lift more than that(220kg) RAW...he IS down a weight class so give the guy his due. Please do not attack him or his lifting....THIS is a man who is a TRUE class act and deserves respect. He is very nice, helpful, positive, respectful and a great lifter.

Chuck Mirabile:

is that he is one of the nicest people around. Whether he is competing himself or not, he always seems to be helping everyone out and showing support and encouragement to all the other lifters... I don't think you ever hear a negative word from him...only supportive. He seems to take as much pleasure in someone else's achievements as he does in his own... As far as a difference in his lifting form meet to meet, there are lots of potential reasons for such. Maybe he had a bad day or his training for the meet simply didn't go as well. That happens to all of the best. Even the best don't break a record every time. Maybe as some suggested, it was a difference in the equipment. I think he should be applauded for lifting in different organizations and under different conditions. He elects to meet different challenges. I am sure he will adapt and eventually return to the numbers that people expect to see from him. He is one strong human being...and by all accounts, a great guy.

Ron Palmer:

Markus in a GREAT PERSON...And no doubt a CROWD FAVORITE...He has huge amount of intensity stored in such a little body. I love watching him lift, always exciting. Going to a new federation is always tuff, with new rules. I admire him for being talented enough to cross over and prove he can compete under ANY conditons

Steve Petrencak:

First off, Markus knew he would catch a lot of flack about his drop off from his WPO lifts. But here are two reasons why Markus may have not performed to everyone's liking: First off he was not in the 165s; he went to the 148s. And how he did that was by living on nothing but honey for at the last 2 or 3 days prior to the weigh-in. And not to go into great detail, but he changed what needed to be changed to conform to the rules of the IPF vs. the WPO, which included a 2-hour weigh-in vs. a 48-hour weigh-in. It was even his thought the night before that 507 would win the class and he wasn't sure that it would be him based on his condition. He was right on both counts. Markus, my friend, you have nothing to hang your head about. You did very well in the toughest 148 class that I have ever witnessed. 4 lifters finished tied with 485 and none of them finished with Gold. How crazy is that????