How Do You Know If You're A Powerlifter?

Create: 12/07/2005 - 09:40
There's a very funny sticky over at Curtis Dennis' MetalRage forum which offers guidance on how to determine whether you might be a powerlifter. According to the thread you're a powerlifter if:

  • if you cant count past 5 but can multiply by 45 in your head
  • if you have ever paced back and forth in front of a loaded bar before a set to intimidate the weight
  • if you check squat depth by using the toilet
  • if more then 5 reps per set is considered cardio
  • if you have ever wondered about the protein content of dog food
  • if you think about your next meal while still eating one
  • if your friend say during a meal"how are you going to ever be a superheavyweight when you eat like a 308"
  • if hearing someone at your gym say i just want to tone puts you in rage
  • If you ever have to negotiate steps side stepping down them.
  • consider helping your friend move as GPP
  • If you've ever dropped your pencil on the ground and had to decide whether you were gonna go sumo or conventional to pick it up.
  • if everyone else in the gym hates you
Those are just a few of the signs you may be a powerlifter. Head on over and check the rest of the gems out.