Mountaineer Cup VIII Is a Go

Create: 12/05/2005 - 08:23

Steve Denison has been posting at a number of the forums that Mountaineer Cup VIII will be taking place in 2006. There was some concern that meet organizer Nick Busick would be unable to hold the event.

The format looks to again be teams of two made up of a heavyweight and light heavyweight. There will be up to 20 teams and the pairings will be determined by putting the number 1 ranked heavyweight with the number 20 ranked light heavyweight. The number 2 heavyweight will be paired with the number 19 light heavyweight, and so on.

Steve mentions that the event may be held in the New England area in 2006. The meet director is Bruce Derosier of the Atlantis Foundation. More information about qualifying meets can be found over at Gibson Powerlifting.


Is this a powerlifting meet? An interesting concept. I'd like to hear if anyone took up Mike Mentzer (think that's who it was) on his lifting challenge (this was where things like Chin-ups and overhead pressing would be tested) rather than just the big 3.

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Yes it's a full powerlifting meet. It is a cool concept. I'm not sure if ESPN is televising it this year. They have run a 30 minute broadcast in the past. Do you mean Mike Miller's challenge regarding the Atlantis Foundations strongman event? The event's a go and some of the challengers he named have accepted.