The Geared Vs. Raw Debate Is Worthless

Create: 12/06/2005 - 14:29
At least that's what the original poster says in this thread at Dr. Squat. There are many posts in agreement:

Couldn't agree more Joseph. Lift where you want,wear what you want,take what you want,just be honest, stay within the rules of your chosen federation and allow others the right to do likewise.

Others are not so quick to want to end the debate:

all the debate may or may not be good for the sport. we'll just have to see where the sport ends up. i side with the geared up side because that side seems to be the only side taking steps to popularize the sport more... we gotta add a little pizazz to the sport so that these people that work so hard and possibly died because of this sport can get some sort of recognition.

should we throw tradition to the wind????? should we ignore the true spirit of powerlifting and how it was for 35-40 years??? should we change everything just for the sake of money, egos and the sake of change? all of these are good questions.

Of course, we all knew that this thread would end in a debate itself. Perhaps the only statement regarding this debate that might not spark more debate is:

Isn't it ironic that a post that was intended to make us stop debating an issue, has only served to get us started again?


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