How Long Is Too Long For A Workout?

Create: 12/02/2005 - 12:11
That's what a thread at Power and Bulk is examining. Members proceed to list the amount of time their typical workout lasts. Answers range from 30 minutes to 5 hours. Essentially the members suggest there is no magic amount of time a workout should or shouldn't take. A few posters debunk the 45 minute rule:

The whole idea that workouts have to be an hour or less (I've seen 40 minutes) seems to come from the assertion by Ivan Abadjaeve that testosterone drops in that time period... I've seen little in US research on the topic to supoprt the idea. The small acute hormonal effects seen during training (either direction) are probably pretty irrelevant which is what Shaf is getting at...sort of... The cortisol issue can more than be dealt with by sipping a carb and/or carb/protein drink throughout training.

The post which best sums the thread up:

Train until your finished.


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....and Paul Anderson took 30 minute rests between sets. Go figure? I guess he had low test. LOL.