An Olive Branch

Create: 12/01/2005 - 15:37
Jeffrey Vaughn who has been at the center of some of the 'my federation is stronger' type debates over at Dr. Squat offers an olive branch which states a common ground for all powerlifters regardless of the federation they compete in, equipment they use or drugs they take.

We all love strength training. We all love to lift weights. We all love the benefits and rewards of strength training. We all have something in common that separates us from the norm. We all wish good luck and success to others that share our love.

Dr. Squat himself jumps in to end the lovefest and looks to want to rekindle the debate:

OK...what you left out is something I hold dear. The level playing field! We went through drugs, gear, rule changes, etc. Where is the level ground? How do we compare? Is it even necessary to compare? Who really gives a damn?


So glad to see that there are some people with a brain in powerlifting. With all the negative things you'd posted up in the past few days I was starting to wonder if I really wanted to get into powerlifting. Also when I leave a comment it doesn't save my information which makes it a pain the ass to leave a comment. Anything you can do about that? Perhaps I need to create an account?

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There has been sort of an underlying theme recently hasn't there? I think the reason why it's such a frequent topic is because of its importance. I think it goes beyond pettiness, bragging and ego. Although there is an element of all that as well. Rather, I think a real schism has formed in powerlifting and is widening rapidly. The question is will it widen to the point that powerlifting isn't recognized as a single powerlifting. Will the us/them mentality be formalized and codified? The gap already seems to be nearing that point. Is it too late to save powerlifting as it has been? Or should we? Is the 'new' powerlifting the way forward; the way to paychecks, crowds and the Olympics? These are all very important and very timely questions that even if not overtly asked, I think are implicitly explored in the flurry of recent posts. Remember change can be an agonizing and gut wrenching process. I'll check out why your information isn't being saved. Thanks for letting me know.