Shredded Shins From Deadlifting

Create: 11/30/2005 - 14:42
That's just natural you say. It's a badge of honor to wear proudly you say. Well some lifters aren't so enamored by the beating their shins take while deadlifting. Testosterone Nation looks at some ways to protect the shins.

Try plastic shin guards for soccer. Baby powder always helps keep things moving as well.

Try wearing knee length socks.

duct tape, but make sure you have something between your skin and the tape if you're going to try this. Something like plastic wrap.

Then a voice of reason enters:

I'd say you just have to deal with it. Baby power helps the bar move against your shins and reduces friction but don't try the shin guards. Can you imagine how that would look?

I'm not sure skinned up shins is a good reason to switch deadlifting styles!

Have you tried sumo DL? I can only conventional DL about the same weight as stiff-legged DL, because my knees get in the way. I switched to sumo and I never hit my shins (and added 100# to my DL.) I still do conventional for warmups to hit the muscles differently.


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Might sound silly but I have taken my knee wraps and wrap them up my shin. I look like someone wearing those "throw back" Red Socks leggings.

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I bet it helped though. The only thing I wouldn't want to do in training would be something that I couldn't do in a meet. No sense practicing using a method you can't use on the platform.