What Is A Sticking Point?

Create: 11/30/2005 - 09:13
A Power and Bulk thread examines the nature of a sticking point and how to generally train one.

there are 2 differing types of sticking points... 1) An area of "muscle" weakness or less trained synergists. (lockout on a BP) 2) An area of bad leverages more or less at times an individual thing. (BP off the chest for a longer armed trainee)

The original poster then asks about training the sticking point:

If a trainee has #2 (bad leverages) at a given point, then wouldn't working the entire range, still give more speed, strength and momentum to get past the area of worst leverages!? Does working an area right at the terrible leverage aid in pulling/pushing past that area, or would building up the speed/power/strength in the entire range BEFORE or even way before if possible ie: (standing on blocks for deads) the shitty area, be more helpful?

The consensus is that using both methods will aid in attacking a sticking point:

I've found two concepts work best for me with beating a sticking point... Being really strong at the bottom position of any of the powerlifts is going to help tear through sticking points. You can never have too much bottom end strength as a raw lifter IMO. The other one that works well, and gives me just about as much hell as extended ROM (or a pause) is starting the lift just below my sticking point... The best idea is to do both in my opinion.