Deadlift Lockout Training

Create: 11/30/2005 - 08:56
Fortified Iron's members give some advice on training the lockout in the deadlift. Lots of helpful tips in here:

do deadlift lockouts ...strengthen your back , start doin gm's if u dont on ur speed and use that momentum to help

Rack lockouts are ok... If you really want to bang up your lockout use reverse band.

do rackpulls with a high pin like knee level to just above the knee. Do alot of shrugs and powershrugs, and hit that back.

Tons of reverse hypers help, they helped me, strong glutes are essential to a lockout. I have found rack deads to be pretty much useless when it comes to deadlfitng.

I am suprised noone mentioned the UPPER BACK.This is where the lockout comes from.Increase your upper back volume with Rows Shrugs and Chins and pulldowns.

A technique pointer which might aid lockouts is also mentioned in the thread:

it may well be a position problem... Well it turned out that the hands were placed too close topgether on the bar, leading to a rounding out of the shoulders which in turn keeps you from hitting the most straight up position you can. Try moving your grip out an inch or two per side.