Who's The Best Powerlifter?

Create: 11/28/2005 - 08:30

Deepsquatter is taking a survey of who is, pound for pound, the best powerlifter of all time. Lots of votes so far for Ed Coan. Others tallying votes include Steve Goggins, Chuck Vogelpohl, Garry Frank, Brian Siders, Oleksander Kutcher, Arnold Coleman, Ron Palmer, Phil Harrington, Jesse Kellum, Brad Gillingham and Tony Conyers. Head on over there and offer your opinion.


best of his generation ed cohan, best powerlifter still competing i have 3 in order, andy bolton, kutcher, and chuck volgapohl best up and coming and future star mike brown ive worked out with this young bull and if he stays healthy he will be the best of his generation

Submitted by Brian Gravely (not verified) on
Travis Mash- the best powerlifter ever. I'm only 18, and he used to train me... The man has just as much knowledge about what it takes to become who he is today, as he has knowledge about HOW to get HIMSELF to that point... which he is, without a doubt.

Its hard to compare lifters. They are all great at what they do. But I have to say its a close call between Travis Mash and Ed Coan, they both are here in Illinois! But I have talked to Travis so I have to pick *Travis The Mash Monster!*