Leg Drive And Benching

Create: 11/28/2005 - 11:18
A thread over at Bodybuilding.com looks at how to incorporate a leg drive into ones bench press. The original poster asks about the mechanics of using leg drive:

it seems to me that if you drive with your legs, your butt comes off the bench.

One of the members answers:

the idea is to position yourself so you can drive with your legs as much as possible without your butt coming off the bench. Check out the Metal Miltia bench set up for instance. Your feet are curled up under you on your toes, so you can push with your legs without worrying about your ass coming off the bench. There are LOTS of different ways to set up that can give you more leg drive. And it does make a big difference.

Other posters recommend either moving the legs out wider or moving the legs more under the hips if the butt still leaves the bench.


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Shit I feel a thirty pound difference and I'm just a 165er. Imagine what a 242er would get out of that.