Jesse Kellum Versus The USAPL & IPF

Create: 11/27/2005 - 12:31
WPO powerlifter Jesse Kellum in this thread over at Gibson Powerlifting questions the quality of lifting in the USAPL/IPF:

Who told you that the europeans were better than us? Because they can beat our 2nd tier lifters that compete in usapl.There are at best 3 lifters that would be able to compete with the wpo guys off of this years usapl team.And by compete,I mean being able to total within 100 lbs. of the winners.

However, many feel the differences in lift numbers between the WPO and IPF stem from:

Weigh ins, squat depth, drug testing procedures, equipment are all factors that change the numbers between WPO and IPF.

Out of this thread another is spawned where Kellum is challenged:

If you think USAPL is 2nd tier lifters why dont you go to 2006 USAPL Nationals in Florida? I will put up $2000 of my own money if you win. I think you are 220 so you will have to do the following: *Beat Jason Beck(silver medalist IPF Worlds) *wear single ply gear *perform lifts to USAPL standards *pass drug test

Jesse, if USAPL is 2nd tier then it should be a breeze for you.I take real exception to your comment. Im sorry, but what I have recently seen in the WPO, squat wise, has become somewhat of a joke to the sport. Even their own lifters are cringing when they see the lifts passed. I personally think you have a great history with many accolades but you will not beat Jason Beck in a true powerlifting event. WPO is not that, sorry. And then Ivan Fredyun from Ukraine will certainly clean your clock. WPO is not powerlifting! You can continue to have your 48 hr weigh ins, squat high, breifs with additional squat suit,monolift, unfinished DLs and pat eachother on the back telling each other how great you are. But can you really look in the mirror and think you are the best 220lber in the world? I think unfortunately you couldnt get through a 2nd tier lifter before you were the best.

Kellum's response:

I'm sure that Jason Beck is a fine lifter and the Ukraine guy too.I don't have anything personally against either one of these guys.Don't know them and never met them.But,I do think that I can beat them both!Maybe the Ukraine guy will come to wpo and we'll see... My OPINION(and that's all it is)is that americas'best lifters aren't represented by the usapl team that represents america at the ipf worlds.

Steve Lemarie who trains in the same gym as Kellum tries to make an out of meet numbers comparison:

In single ply poly gear Jesse could hit 850 squat, 600 BP and 700 DL. Total 2150 @ 220 with plenty left in the squat and bench.Jason Beck went 786.5 squat, 528 BP and 764 DL. Total 2079 @ 220 at the IPF worlds. Jesse would have no problem with the 2 hr weigh in at 220 and would have no problem with squat depth. The Russian Freydun is very strong and with the 830 squat, 638 BP, 814 DL and 2282.5 total at the IPF worlds it would be close but I think Jesse would take him in head to head competition.

In the end, it looks like there's little chance that Kellum will cross over to the USAPL or IPF to compete against Beck or Freydun. However, it remains to be seen whether one or both of these men will give it a go in the WPO.