International Powerlifting Federation - IPF

Sun, 04/16/2023 - 14:04 -- admin
At the weekend, we had the very first Sheffield Powerlifting Championships held by SBD. They promised us that records would fall and boy did they deliver. Twelve bounties of £5,000 were awarded for squat, bench and deadlift world records - an incredible number, some of the records being broken more than once. Eleven athletes broke the total world records in their class and this is the basis on which the main prizes were awarded - total as a percentage of the current world record. Evie Corrigan of New Zealand put in an astounding 9 for 9 performance to take the win with a score of 105.023% (5.023% above the total world record) along with the deadlift world record in the 52kg class for a £30,000 payout. Noémie Allabert of France took second place with 103.653%. This netted her £12,500 to add to her £5k squat world record bounty in the 52s. Her compatriot, Jade Jacob, took the final podium place with 101.615% to win £7,500, as well as her £5k bounty for the deadlift world record in the 57kg class. On the men's side, Jesus Olivares USA put in the performance of his life, also going 9 for 9 and adding 47.5kg to the super heavyweight total world record, smashing the deadlift world record along the way. This scored him 104.299% and gave him a hefty £30,000 cheque to take home. Second place went to Jonathan Cayco, also USA. He scored 100.626% and takes home £17,500 thanks to his bench press world record bounty. Gavin Adin USA rounds out the podium with 100.171% for a prize purse of £7,500. We saw exceptional lifting across the board but there were a few extra special lifts: Bonica Brown USA - biggest raw female squat in the IPF with 280kg and the biggest total with 680kg Amanda Lawrence USA - biggest raw female deadlift in the IPF - 268.5kg Jesus Olivares USA - biggest raw total in the IPF - 1152.5kg Full results are up on OpenIPF. The event was incredible. A huge stage with phenomenal graphics, a selection of the best lifters in the world and a crowd that screamed and chanted themselves hoarse. More world records in a single session than we can believe. SBD's dream becomes a reality and we already can't wait for Sheffield 2024.