John Haack- totals 1030kgs/2270lbs at 95.6kgs/210.7lbs.

Thu, 09/29/2022 - 07:27 -- admin

8/9 day at the meet yesterday to finish with a PR total of 1030kgs/2270lbs at 95.6kgs/210.7lbs.
First attempt - 317.5kgs/699lbs
Second attempt - 337.5kgs/744lbs
Third attempt - 347.5kgs/766lbs

Bench Press:
First attempt - 240kgs/529lbs
Second attempt - 257.5kgs/567lbs
Third attempt - 272.5kgs/600lbs

First attempt - 375kgs/826lbs
Second attempt - 395kgs/870lbs miss for dropping too early
Third attempt - 410kgs/903lbs.

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