Jen Thompson totals 1106.7 lbs M1 AR

Tue, 06/14/2022 - 08:26 -- admin
jenthompson132 Verified Had an amazing night last night @usapowerlifting Mega Nats. It was much needed! After missing every 3rd attempt in 2021 and still dealing with an injury. This sure felt like a win! Squat 347 lbs M1 American Record Bench 318.5 lbs Open AR (Unofficial World Record) Deadlift 440 lbs Total 1106.7 lbs M1 AR PR’s on my squat and total. Finished 3rd in the Open and 1st in the Master’s 1 Div. Huge thank you to @jenniferthompsonshusband for his unwavering support belief in me. @a7intl for not only having the best products out there, but they truly care about their athletes and community!!! @sspnutrition for having the best and safest supplements! #thompsonsgym for their comradery. @usapowerlifting for an amazing event to perform at! #powerlift #weighttraining #weightlifting #strengthsports #training #fiercleyfuelednutrition #thompsonsgym #thestrengthacademy #thestrengthacademypodcast #squat #benchpress #deadlift #usapowerliftingnationals