nickbeststrongman totals 2027!

Thu, 05/05/2022 - 13:28 -- admin
nickbeststrongman It felt so good being up on the platform again after tearing off my Lat a year ago! Went 821lbs(WRPF wr) in the Squat, 462lbs in the Bench, 744lbs (WRPF wr) in the Deadlift and 2027 Total! Thanks to @thewrpf and @micah_marino for putting on a great meet! Thanks to @drroddymcgee for doing an amazing job reattaching my Lat to my Humerus! Thanks to my wife @mrs_calliebest for helping me the whole way with this recovery! Love you with all that I am! Thank you @dylancbest and Jess you two are my inspiration! Thank you to @shawstrength and @evolutionathleticsgear for the best gear and support! Thank you to @barbellapparel ! Thank you to my training partners James Rude and @vegassupernova ! Thanks to @chadcoy55 for flying out to help and carry my bag! Thank to @unnrulyjulie and to anyone I missed! Thank you! It’s been a great journey back!! #evolutionathleticsgear #barbellapparel #wrpf #powerlifting #strongman #beststrong #ageisjustanumber Up next @clashsps Masters July 23rd!!