Dan Grigsby and the meet with a 465kg / 1025 deadlift!

Tue, 03/29/2022 - 15:15 -- admin
dan_grigs Meet recap Squatted 606 , with a meet coming up in late summer time I didn’t push squats because I’ve been focus on not having a horrible hip shift in my squat. I’ve tweaked my quad numerous times because I didn’t want to have to start from ground zero and have deal with that, it’s getting better but I’ll be ready to push them fully come summer time. Benched 440, 25 pound pr! Bench has always been my weakest lift but I’m glad I’m starting to get over the mental barriers and starting to get better. I know I’m capable of more and I’m finally starting to show it. Deadlift, finally broke 1,000 with 1,003 but went for more and got 1,025 on my 3rd (video shown) I knew after the showdown I was very close to 1,000, me and @kheycie @formulatedstrength went to work and made sure I’d get it this time around. We definitely know what works now, are just gonna keep the ball rolling. I totaled 2070 with a very minimal squat and more in the tank on bench, definitely feel I’m capable of 2250-2300 next meet. Thanks to everyone who’s reached out and messaged me, I appreciate all the support and everybody who’s been in my corner throughout all my years powerlifting, Im grateful for all the people I continue to meet and the connections I make! #powerlifting #gym #workout #deadlift #lift #training #exercise #lifting #mbslingshot