Dr. Dani LaMartina meet recap

Tue, 12/07/2021 - 11:26 -- admin
danilamartinadpt Less mushy post- 391/231/457 and some change… probably left a little in the tank on s/d, but I wanted 9/9. Bonus shots of Wacey pulling 826, my ugly cry post 3rd squat with both adductors miraculously attached I wanted to push close to 1100, but I also really split my training mostly towards bodybuilding, and minimally towards powerlifting. I think if I’d stuck to pure PL training, I could have pumped past that point… but it’s not where my heart is right now. I love being strong, and also want to do as well as I can on the IFBB stage next year. Prep consisted of 2 sets each of squat/bench/deadlift, just enough to sort of get some skill back after a lot of time away. Lots of my “hypertrophy” work was strategic in looking to chase both goals, which was a ton of fun to get creative with. I learned a lot. There’s a lot I’d do differently. Nothing was ideal, but I enjoyed every moment. Outcomes were successful. I peaked about as well as possible learning what I have from @mfswede @Davidlamartina if there were words, I’d try. You’ve changed the game with your leadership. @troponin_nutrition lol, separate post. @WaceyColeman, you’ve been more instrumental than you know in the last couple years. Thanks for being you. It’s an honor to call you friend and it’s been a blast the last couple years Always in your corner. Make sure Titus knows he’s got more “moose” fist bumps coming. @runningstrongman Your support and friendship is the “cut from he same cloth” type that I’ve really only ever found with you and Meana. Thanks for being you, dude. @meana.albersworth Everyone needs someone like you in their life. Stick figure Meana made a presence more than once a week. Love you, dude. @phdeadlift - so much thanks for hopping on a call last minute and setting my head straight. @underthebar - Thank you for believing in me and knowing what I need to hear before I knew what that was. One of our conversations in August is what made things click that I knew my best wasn’t behind me… I hope I can pay forward half of what you’ve given me over the years, but plan to try my hardest to double it over my lifetime.