Ashton Rouska squats 810lbs!

Sun, 12/05/2021 - 22:18 -- admin
some_strongash_guy SQ - 810 lbs (American Record) BP - 463 lbs Sumo - 832 lbs Total - 2105 lbs (American Record); BW - 227.7 lbs 8/9 successful attempts, with a close miss at 883 lbs on my last sumo lift. This would’ve given me a 2155 lbs total, which would be my best ever in training, too! Meet went well, we achieved everything we set out to do: (1) Total 2100+ officially; (2) Win. Squats went really well, and I am very confident there is much more there. We will keep chipping away at each meet. Bench press felt solid, and 463 lbs was a meet PR - which was done close grip! Deadlift honestly didn’t feel so good, even at the start of warm ups. The meet ran quite a bit longer than anticipated and fatigue was really settling in here. The weights felt heavy and technique was a bit janky on 883 lbs attempt, but 832 was still tremendously easy! Overall, this meet was a BLAST to be a part of. There were so many major performances by phenomenal lifters and it was really just an honor for me to be a part of this and to be pushed. I always go where the competition is - that is how I continue to get stronger. Getting stronger becomes NECESSITY. So a big thank you to my fellow competitors. @theswolefessor what can I say. We had an excellent plan. We came, we saw, and we conquered. It has been an honor collaborating with you - and the best is yet to come! You have done OUTSTANDING work with this team. You should be very proud. We put the whole world on notice with our performances. @chestnificent brother you were with me when I won my first open nationals in 2017, standing right next to me before every lift. You were with me when I got broken at the US Kern. You were there for many meets, and this time you were there as we went down the red carpet to break some records. It’s always an honor to have you there. To everyone who reached out, wished me luck, and congratulated me - THANK YOU! Thank you for the endless support and love. It is an honor, and I hope I can push some of you to be better than you were before! Till next time. In strength we trust.