JP Price Meet recap!

Tue, 11/16/2021 - 14:59 -- admin

Meet recap!
Went to Dubuque, IA to compete in my first meet in 3.5 years with @jeff.frank @jakemorris.45 @gregdfromthesbc @worlds_strongest_web_developer and we had a blast. Getting to do this with the made it special, thanks for joining me on this journey and thanks to all our friends that came to join us.
It’s been a really long road, thanks to @backfitpro and @andrew_lock_strength and @squat_university for helping me rehab the last 3.5 years from injuries that had me never thinking this was possible to enjoy again. I’m truly grateful for all your help. You’re miracle workers.
I weighed in at 304lbs to compete at 308lbs, 92lbs less than my last meet the 2018 US Open where I was a broken 396lbs and in the next division down at 308lbs. This is my most proud moment of the meet. @kade.proctor helped me execute this all super easily with no stress.
295kg/650lbs good
320kg/705lbs no good
320kg/705lbs good
This was a huge goal and my second most proud moment of the meet
260kg/573lbs good
272.5kg/600lbs no good, beat the press command, stupid mistake
272.5kg/600lbs good, 2nd highest full meet bench in the world at 308, 6th including bench only, next most proud moment was this.
277.5kg/611lbs good, felt great, moved great
292.5kg/645lbs no good, back/glutes locked up over the knees, spine failure
292.5kg/645lbs no good, same thing
Total- 1916lbs #28 at 308
I’m super happy with my first meet back, getting through it hitting most of my goals and where I fell short, learning and getting great feedback to get better for the next one whenever that’ll be. I’m so elated I get to enjoy this again. It was a good day.
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