3 AMERICAN RECORDS FOR HPT ATHLETE @c_mainous_powerlifting

Tue, 11/09/2021 - 21:27 -- admin

3 AMERICAN RECORDS FOR HPT ATHLETE @c_mainous_powerlifting
✅11 years old
✅94 pounds body weight
✅183.1 pound squat (American Record)
✅105.9 pound bench press (American Record)
✅209.4 pound deadlift (State Record)
✅498.6 pound total (American Record)
Claire remains in the rankings as the #1 youth lifter in the United States for her age and weight class after her performance this past weekend at the Michigan State Championship Powerlifting Meet.
Claire went 8/9, finished in 1st place, and only missed one lift because of a technicality, which she came back and got.
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