22 year old Shelby Miles 292lbs. raw bench press @ 200lbs. body-weight

Fri, 12/11/2020 - 20:32 -- admin

#1 Bench Press in the U.S. for Jr (age 20-23) girls in the 84kg+ weight class. While Shelby officially set this mark in the proper age category, USA Powerlifting lets younger lifters count records in a higher age bracket even without entering or officially be in that age division. Shelby's lift will not officially count as a top lift, even though a girl out weighing her by over a 100lbs gets the credit.
Highest bench press for all age groups and weight classes EVER in the state of Indiana in a 3 lift powerlifting meet.
Shelby is one of the lightest lifters in the entire class. She weighed in at 200lbs. this past weekend at the Michigan State Powerlifting Championships. She followed this lift with a 418lbs. squat and very easy 486lbs. deadlift
Jr. Champion
Open Champion
Jr. Best Lifter
Geno Powerlifting Biancheri choice award winner