Bill Carpenter's Comments On Tiny Meeker

Create: 11/25/2005 - 10:23
In response to Tiny winning the drug tested WABDL Worlds, Bill Carpenter levels some accusations against him in the Bench Monster forum at Monster Muscle. Carpenter has since erased his comments from the thread. Here's part of what he said:

I just don't like the single ply drug free banner. It is bullshit sooner or later. I have seen so many guys like Tiny scream out loud Drug free. They pass so many test they start to believe themselves. Then they get popped and then they blame someone tampered with there pee!LOL! Gets old! Especially when you see it is trying to belittle the guys who do open meets. Who knows, he could truly be drug free. But in my honest opinion. I dont feel he is. My opinion. I am entitled to it! You just cant test for everything and you cant take peoples word for it. History has proved this.

Because of being in this sport and other sports. I see it all the time bro. Lies, upon lies! AFter talking to some and training with some of the best powerlifters for years. You learn the secrets of beating test and the bullshit upon bullshit lies in the drug free federation. But when you post on sites claiming you are better because you are drug free and single ply. I am going to bust your balls, because I dont believe it. I made huge gains younger when I was natural. (Well I am still natural, everything is made from earth right?!LOL!) Everyone usually does then plateaus out. You body can only take so much natural with the heavy pounding of weights. I just dont believe Tiny is and that is the way I feel. Especially when he is hitting raw weight like Ryan said he is.
Lots of posters rush to Meeker's defense:

we trained together for 4 years until I relocated to central Pennsylvania. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Tiny does not use steroids, he’s clean man... The first thing that Tiny asked me before he would consider training with me was if I took steroids. He told me he didn’t have anything against lifters who took the stuff but he just didn’t want it to reflect poorly upon him by training with those who did.

I too have known Tiny since 98 and I can say without a doubt that he is drug free. I have trained with him and the first thing he asks anyone when they come to his gym is, "Are you drug free?" He will not even train with people that use the juice... If anyone knew Tiny at all they would know he truly is DRUG FREE!!! 100%

Meeker eventually responds:

I have never said I am the best because I wear single-ply. I have said I have the best single-ply lift which is a fact. And I have never said I am better than none tested lifters. But I did say I have the Highest Drug-test Lift of All-time, for now. Records are made to be broken and right now I am the man. And who knows maybe this weekend or next Wong might be the man or even someone else. But for now I am top. I wear single-ply because that is what I have to wear in most of the shows I lift in. In Feb. in Pasadena, CA at the Mendy Classic II I will be there in a DOUBLE RAGE X THE BEST OF THE BEST. Your crazy if the think I will bring a knife to a gun fight. But if anyone wants to test me I will be Drug-free. And if I lose the contest,the issue will never come out of my mouth. It was my choice to lift in a non-tested show. And I bet I will not be the only one there drug-free.

Meeker then starts a new thread and reiterates some of the things he says above.