Tue, 10/27/2020 - 18:12 -- admin
Hey Powerlifting Fanatics, This is Anthony Ricciuto. I used to have a Nutrition column in Powerlifting USA magazine for over a decade. Well, for those of you that were fans of my Power Nutrition column I have good news. I have started my own website and the column is back in full force. But that is not all. I will have sections on tons of new content and topics never discussed before. I will be heading up articles for strength and sports-based nutrition, holistic and functional medicine, health and longevity, medical cannabis, product reviews, and recipes. Also on board for the site is Dr.X, who is a high-level strength coach. He will be covering the strength training and sport-specific content as well as the totally uncensored performance enhancement articles. He is shamefully raw and uncensored so if you are under 19 or offend easily this is not for you! You've been warned. But if you are looking for hardcore information that doesn't pull any punches, you will absolutely love his articles. Feel free to check out the site and email me anytime. Check it out often as there will be non stop new features a couple of times per week. www.powernutritionist.com I can be reached at aricciuto@nutritionxp3.com Yours in strength, Anthony Ricciuto