Taylar Stallings- Back on the platform 7 years later!

Sun, 08/23/2020 - 14:09 -- admin
taylarmade- *PRESS PLAY* 7 years since the last time on the platform. 4 years since the last time I lifted this weight. 3 weeks of training to feel this moment again...I had mixed emotions leading up to my first time back on the powerlifting platform again. My three training sessions for it weren't the best, and if I'm being honest only had 1 good session. Everything else felt HEAVY! So I wasn't sure what was going to happen..I just knew I had to SHOW THE FUCK UP! VERY happy to had hit 435/470/ and probably the smoothest 500 I've hit in a LONG time. I know there is more in the tank and I am excited to do something for ME in a long time! This proves that training is a part of the process, but on game day no matter how much things don't go your own way, you still have to SHOW UP! Glad to know I still can. . . Thank you so much Bill and the staff at @stronglifetampabay for putting on a well ran comp and letting me come play again. I've truly missed the energy from the crowd! Thank you Mr. Marc for being a great training partner and making sure I'm good. And thank you so much to my powerlifting Dad (can you guess which one he is ), James Jacobs who was there when I first started powerlifting and I wouldn't trust anyone else to get me ready and pull my best out of me when I don't think I can. Thank you to everyone who came up to me during and afterwards. Your words and energy means more than you know. I needed today.