Rest in Peace Tommy Fannon

Thu, 08/20/2020 - 08:40 -- admin
Edward Fitzpatrick- · Monday I lost my friend to the right of me. In the front row is my friend Nelson Castellano Blaine Stussy me and Tommy Fannon. Tommy and Blaine opened Tampa Barbell in I believe 2005 or so. Nelson and I were two of the first members. Tommy recruited me when he and Blaine moved from Seattle to Tampa. He knew I power lifted so he found me in Golds Gym. From then on when we’re good friends. Tommy was a great guy and had a beautiful daughter and wife. His in-laws are beautiful people too. His brother in law Sam also trained with us years ago and is a great guy. My heart hurts so much for his family. Tommy will be missed by me and many of his close friends. Tommy was also the originator of the blog, “Out Law Powerlifting”. God Bless you Tommy and your Family. My prayers are with you all. To we meet again my dear friend.