Titan Support Systems Making Face Masks To Fight Coronavirus!

Thu, 03/26/2020 - 21:37 -- admin
Titan Support Systems Proves to be more than a gear manufacturer, they are a powerlifting manufacturer and a community supporter!

Posted on Caller Times:

South Texas powerlifting manufacturer shifts to making face masks to fight coronavirus

A South Texas powerlifting gear manufacturer is shifting its focus to an entirely different product: face masks. Titan Support Systems Inc., based in Corpus Christi, specializes in powerlifting suits, wraps and other equipment. But, for now, the company is putting all of its resources into making face masks to help protect against the coronavirus. The masks are not of the same caliber as N95 respirators, specialized masks that filter out airborne particles. But with a nationwide shortage of N95 masks, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in early March that looser-fitting surgical face masks “are an acceptable alternative” for front-line health care workers. “We’re trying to put our resources back into the community and give that support that people really need right now,” sales associate Matt Craig said. Company heads began designing the masks on Friday. Production began Wednesday and is starting slow, with 100 samples for a testing phase. Titan Support Systems is using the special spandex that it already had on hand to produce the masks, which will be washable and reusable. The company has the capacity to make 1,600 a day, Craig said. Craig said the company looked up guidelines on the CDC website and consulted with local medical professionals on the design. The masks are mostly intended for office workers.