7th Annual Orange Grove Invitational

Sun, 02/16/2020 - 21:43 -- admin
2/15/2020 Orange Grove held its 7th annual event with impressive lifts across the board! Here are just a few highlights of this well run event. Boys 114 Tomas Elizondo took top honors with an 870 total. 123 pounders had 3 lifters over 900 with David Perez leading the pack with 950. Deonte Duhart took the 132 class with 1000 and the 148ers had 5 lifters totalling over 1000 with Gavin Chapa going 500 315 500 for 1315! Juan Vasquez took 2nd with 465 235 470 1170, going for the necessary qualifying 1200 total with an attempt at 500 in the deadlift that was just short. Andrew Vasquez had to pull out after an injured shoulder in the bench but had an impressive 445 squat. 165 class had Lee Bazan take this class with an incredible 635 squat and 1500 pound total! Mat Mora took 2nd with a 550 325 525 for a 1400 total. Chiso Nwanpka took 3rd here with an impressive 1345 total. This was a stacked class. At 181 Demetri Sanchez won with 1350 and the 198 class Trinidad Salazar took the top honor with 1100. 220 class had Marcos Gonzalez win with 1465 with Jonanthan Pena taking 2nd place with 1415. 242ers were won by Lance Lopez with 1480 and Cameron Rouslton took the 275 class with the biggest total of th emeet at 1635. Leo Solis won the Supers with 1620. Biggest squat was 650 by Leo Soliz at 288. Biggest bench was 470 by Ruben Leal at 310. Biggest deadlift was 625 by Cameron Roulston at 269. On the THSWPA side of the even we had 97lb class lifter Kaitlynn Gonzalez with a huge 730 pound at only 95.8 lbs bw! She pulled an impressive 325, a class leading lift that was higher than anyone all the way up until the 148 class! 105 class had Ananda Lopez win with 720. Angela Esparza took the 114 with 810 and Dylan Wesselski took the 123 with 755. 132 had Precious Garza win with 660. The 148 class had Courtney Lamontagne win with 935 and the 165 class was taken Mitzi De La Cruz with 930. At 181 we had tight battle with Lonna Gonzalez and Brianna Leal go tooth and nail with Lonna victorious by only 5 lbs! 850 to 845 was the end result. Emily Ortiz won the 198 class with 875. 220 class was won by Analydia Montes with the biggest total of the meet at 1015. Davar Martinez took the 259 class with 910. Top squat was 420 by Davae Martinez, biggest bench was 215 by Elia Soliz and biggest deadlift was 400 by Anlydia Montes.