McAllen ISD Invitational

Wed, 01/29/2020 - 21:25 -- admin
McAllen ISD Invitational held in McCallen Rowe McCallen Tx had a sensational amount of great lifters! Just going to post the highlights as there were so many top performers! John Ortega squatted 415 benched 265 and pulled 405 at only 113 pounds to take the 114 class with a 1,085 total! In 2nd Jesus Puente at 112.5 pounds nailed a 1,005 pound himself, both qualifying for regional's! At 132 Giovanni Salazar went 485-225-475 for victory with an 1,185 total. Patricio Chavez took 2nd with an 1,135 total again both guys qualified for regional's. Fernando Briones went 1,215 at 148 to win and qualify as well. Eddie Luna went 1,310 at 165 against Fabian Rodriguez who was close with 1,295. Biggest squat of the meet was Sergio Reyna with 710 at 288.5 bw. Biggest bench went to Sergio as well with 420. Biggest deadlift was 550 by Israel Monsivaiz at 272.5 lbs bw.