Bill Gillespie tops 1000 lb. Bench at age 60!!

Thu, 01/02/2020 - 10:43 -- Bill Clary

1004.2 BENCH PRESS! I am humbled by God’s grace and blessings! After 46 years of training life time drug free today at the age of 60 I officially broke through the 1000 pound barrier! This is the most weight ever benched by a drug free lifter and the fifth best bench of all time by anyone, any age with any equipment. I’m also the heaviest person of all time to bench triple body weight. Thank you so much to my wife Anita for her support for all these years. Thank to my wonderful son Cameron and my beautiful daughter Rachel, you will never know the strength that you give me. Thank you to my mom for raising me to push myself and never be satisfied. Thank you to all my training partners over the years. Everyone one of you have played a huge role in my life. Thank you to my spotters Spencer Mather, Zach Wheeler and Keenan Scott. Thank you to my mentor Dave Williams for investing yourself into my life. Thank you to Kinetix’s for all your support and for letting us host the meet. Thank you so much to Swish30! Swish has changed my life and I wouldn’t have seen my bench go up 170 pounds in less than a year if it wasn’t for Swish! Thank you to Sorinex and for allowing me to be a part of the greatest equipment company in the world! Thank you to Bill Clary and 365 Strong for all your work and for making this happen. Love my Swish30