Goggins Calls Out Big Iron Gym

Create: 11/22/2005 - 14:44
Steve Goggins calls out Big Iron Gym lifters in this Go Heavy thread. As you may know, Goggins is a North Georgia Barbell guy. It looks as though at least part of the issue Goggins has with Big Iron Gym is the lifts at the APF meet they just hosted where Jim Grandick set a new record total at 275. In the thread, he references holding his own meet:

Hey we can call it the Westside/NGBB open. Count me in, then we can become joke lifters also.


Can any of you squat below parallel? Do you really think I care what you or any of you think.

Becca Swanson of Big Iron Gym replies:

We are comfortable with ourselves. Some of our top lifters didn't even post their best numbers. We travel to enough meets to prove ourselves. You guys have no ground to stand on.

Can you say ouch!


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By the way this was the APF Big Iron Open that has been held every year for the last 7 years. The APF State Chairman from Iowa, Nebraska and Minn. Were there. It was far from unsanctioned and had been advertised since september.