Tell me what you want to pay for my gear!!!! Lets make a deal!

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 13:56 -- whatnow
Prices have been lowered but let me know what you are willing to pay! Ginny custom canvas Squat suit measurements Hips:17.5" leg opening:10" Length 23" $100 Metal jack deadlifter suit right leg opened up a little size 46 $150 Metal ace pro squatter size 46 $150 Metal ace pro squatter legs shortened 1" 48 $150 metal pro squatter custom velcro straps size 48 $100 Metal ace pro squatter 52 $150 metal pro squatter 52 $80 Inzer Leviathan dyed Black: Hips: 20" legs: 11" Length 20" $150 Inzer Leviathan grey with orange southside iron painted on it: Hips: 20" legs: 10.5" Length 22" $150 Titan boss unlimited suit black duct tape on straps 40ws $150 Frantz old school canvas size 44 measurements hips:19" leg opening:13" length: 23" $80 briefs Metal jack pro briefs size 40 $80 Metal pro size 44 $60 Metal pro size 48$60 Titan boss briefs hips:18.5" legs 8.5" length 20" $80 Shirts Brand new Inzer Rage X double ply with grid sticking scoop reinforced neck size 40 $140 Inzer rage X double ply scoop neck all seams reinforced size 44 $140 Inzer rage X size 48 blue shortened arms $120 brand new stock double ply Inzer rage X open back size 48 $140 Inzer rage X scoop neck shoulders tightened size 54 $140 Metal Jack bencher size 44 $200 Metal ace pro size 50 $150 Metal bash pro size 50 $150 Inzer custom double denim Black chest plate:8" flat arm measurement:6" length(from collar to bottom):23" Inzer custom double denim blue chest plate:9" flat arm measurement:6" length(from collar to bottom):23" Both for $100 Inzer custom double denim closed neck with velcro (wabdl legal) chest plate:14.25" flat arm measurement:6.25" length(from collar to bottom):23.5" $50 Inzer custom red denim double ply grid stitch with open back with velcro strip chest plate: 9.5" flat arm measurement 7" length 24" $80 Inzer custom maroon denim(canvas?) Chest plate 9.5" flat arm measurement 6" length 21" $80 Single ply (As far as I know all of this is WABDL legal. ) Inzer rage X single ply closed back with large neck and stretchy back size 46 more worn than the 48 but a great training shirt-$60 Inzer rage X single ply closed back with large neck and stretchy back size 48 great condition-$80 Or both of these shirts for $100! Custom titan NXG+ suit with custom velcro straps either squating or deadlifting. Great condition. measurements laying flat are hips-18" leg opening-9.5" length (chest to crotch)-19"$60 Email me at to make a deal!