So Are You Strong?

Create: 11/22/2005 - 10:06
A poster at Bolex asks when someone is considered strong. Answers include:

i would say double body weight bench and triple bdywgt squat and Dl all raw. works for up to about 250lbs

The truth is strength is what a person themself thinks it is.

If you are stronger than me, then I consider you strong.

strength is relative to those who are performing it. I am just as impressed by a mother holding her large infant on her hip for an hour as I am by Gary Frank deadlifting 900lbs... We are all strong at certain things. I ocassionally train with two very well known powelifters/strongmen... in certain settings they are weak. Does that make them weak? I don't think so. One can squat over 1,000, bench and deadlift over 800 and he would have difficulty holding that 30lb child for an hour. The other can pop the inch dumbell up with no worrys, but he only do about fifteen consequative walking lunges whereas a fitness bunny could walking lunge the entire distance of football field. It's all relative my friend. We are all weak and all strong in our own spheres.