Multi Ply gear for sale

Thu, 06/20/2019 - 14:27 -- BeardedAwesomen...
Ive decided to step away from the powerlifting world due to health issues. No reason to hold on to my gear when someone can put it to good use! The gear for sale is - Suits: Inzer Ultra Pro XL $250. Metal Pro Squatter (size for a 198- small 220) $150. Titan (older) Boss (size for a 220) $150. Briefs: Inzer double ply size 36 (Decently used) $70. Inzer double ply size 34 (Fairly new) $90. Titan Super Boss triple ply size 42 (like new) $175. Shirts: Inzer SDP triple ply size 52 (old red material) $150. Overkill double ply (black material) $200. Overkill triple ply (brand new red material) $300. Wraps: Overkill 36” wrist wraps (brand new) $45. Overkill 3 meter knee wraps (used) $50. Will take reasonable offers! Contact me at